A world-class mega-logistics hub serving as the country’s global gateway to the Asia Pacific Region and spurring the socio-economic growth and development of Central Luzon.


Our mission is to enable the integrated and sustainable development of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Corridor as the Philippines’ main gateway, bringing in investments and generating employment, thus improving the quality of life in the Corridor and its environs, in line with the principles of good governance, accountability and transparency, and public-private partnerships set by the national leadership.

To chart its journey, the SCAD shall:

1. Establish a stable business and economic policy climate in the Corridor and customer-friendly rules and regulations free from bureaucratic red tape;

2. Rationalize resources to establish a comprehensive infrastructure development program (basic utilities, such as power, water, electric, etc.; transportation (land. air, sea), roads and bridges, and communications facilities to make the Corridor  truly competitive in the global market and investment;

3. Harmonize and develop policies, systems, rules, regulations and procedures existing in the SBEFZ and CSEFZ affecting locators, investors and other stakeholders in the Corridor in order to reduce cost of business and induce ease of conducting business in the SBEFZ and CSEZ;

4. Promote the full development of human resources in the Central Luzon Region in order to maximize the vast potential of Central Luzon’s recognized competitive human resource in attracting investments.

5. Develop effective strategic linkages both here and abroad:

(a) to obtain the participation of strategic partners, domestic or foreign, from the public sector or private sector, to spur the growth and development of Central Luzon; and

(b) to obtain the required participation, support and assistance of all relevant government agencies and entities as well as the concerned government local units in the formulation as well as the implementation of key components of the SCAD Program.