In tailoring our collective success, “World Within Reach” is a torch for the Subic-Clark Alliance for Development (SCAD) to carry across the nation and around the world. It is a battle cry built-in perseverance, pride, and a tradition of excellence in our strategic business landscape, providing access to the fulfillment of global potential.

Not only does the Subic-Clark corridor materialize investments, but it also unlocks doors for expansion to other parts of the country and abroad with the ease of connectivity from the Clark International Airport and the Port of Subic Bay, and with the network from being part of the national umbrella of investment promotion agencies (IPAs). Dreaming becomes a thing of the past as the SCAD opens a path to endless opportunities.


  • A strategic geographical position with excellent air, sea, and land connectivity which are primed to be premiere gateways, offering a whole range of international and local connections;
  • Convergence of hubs, thus your business will enjoy the competitive advantage of locating in an all-in-one investment haven;
  • Ease of doing business with simplified, streamlined, and automated procedures and systems, liberalized tax schemes, duty-free privileges, and one-stop-shop processing for visas and permits;
  • A large pool of young, world-class human capital with a high aptitude for learning, proficiency in English, skills matching your needs, and motivation to excel;
  • Expansions built on the momentum of the Build Build Build Infrastructure program of the present administration.